#1 In Google Using Video Marketing And Social Bookmarking Part 2 by Scott Skinner Being #1 in Google is easier than you think. Combining the power of video and social media is incredibly effective. MLM’ers are using Google, video marketing and social media to their advantage. Using SEO to promote an ecommerce website is easier than it sounds. The work from home Internet Marketing wave is only beginning. Scott Skinner http Facebook Group: Follow Me On Twitter:

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11 Responses to “#1 In Google Using Video Marketing And Social Bookmarking Part 2 by Scott Skinner”

  1. evideomarketings says:

    It is important to be honest when submitting your mileage details, in the event of a claim you may be asked to prove it with MOT or service records.

  2. MrHealthy38 says:

    Very nice presentation, well done

  3. MrJimmy5341 says:

    Great video!!

  4. MrJimmy5341 says:

    Great video!!

  5. WealthLetter says:

    One tried but true method is to send out friend requests to channels with “like” videos”. When they accept, you can then post a thank you comment on their channel. And start a conversation about the subject. If their channel is quite busy, you’ll get exposure also…..

  6. TOBYlfc5 says:

    cool will do would it be possible to put a more detailed tut on how to get noticed and get views .but go into more detail if you get me?

  7. WealthLetter says:

    …. Watch the videos on my channel and you’ll be able to see what I did. No magic or tricks. Just the basics. They work. Not to mention a lot of “so called” gurus charge big time for what is on my channel and others for free.

    There has been a lot of changes in the past year for internet marketing. I have been busy having fun and making money and have neglected posting more vids on techniques I am using. Maybe I’ll start making some more videos on some of the new stuff I’ve learned.

  8. TOBYlfc5 says:

    yo man there must be something else you did!what was it please share!

  9. WealthLetter says:

    And profitable too!!

  10. WealthLetter says:

    There is always more to the story. Watch the rest of the videos on my channel to see it…

  11. chull1947 says:

    Very interesting……