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8 Responses to “(5linx) (Best home base business) or Scam”

  1. juanalozada29 says:

    nice video.. keep it up thanks for sharing ..

  2. Climb2win says:

    This is why I love network marketing! Great video! Have you been told about The Instant Downline yet? After months of programming and preparation we have launched the worlds only forced matrix recruiting system for the North American Power business opportunity. The opportunity is free to join and the marketing system is free to use I would really love your input on what we have created. Please check out our channel for a link to the site. Thanks!

  3. frenchkiss1974 says:

    SCAM – deducting money from credit card for its website maintenance? what is it?

  4. cachorro707 says:

    this shit don’t work and is not the future comunication, its just one more bill adding this shit as service, so expensive service.
    don’t buy this my recomendations.
    I allways have video conference with relatives in other cowtries using msn or skype for free all you need is a good camera which is way cheap than this products.

  5. guyinyoureye says:

    Wow they really paid this channel well. News10 has no integrity.

  6. renegadesuccess says:

    superb video .very impressive great job done.

  7. Earn7KaWeek says:

    Fantastic Video!

  8. Princeparkerr says:

    Nice Video. Check out TubeViews (dotnet) If you need your video exposed, It has really helped me a bunch. Be blessed!

    THIS WORKS! Its amazing.. THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE!!!!!!