A Little Home Business Anyone Can Start. I’ll Show You How. Real Income.

A Little Home Business Anyone Can Start. I'll Show You How. Real Income.

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22 Responses to “A Little Home Business Anyone Can Start. I’ll Show You How. Real Income.”

  1. Martin Butler says:

    hi martin thank you for your advice, I will talk to you soon.

  3. Friz Rizk says:

    hi martin what software do you use for the cutting process? To put your
    designs on and then cutting them with that little printer?

  4. Juliana Santos says:

    what kind of paper are you using? any recommended – cause you said there
    are different for black and white shirts. Also what kind of paper you
    recommend for non black or white shirts ? Thanks.

  5. bin bouh says:

    i am in cambodia country i would like to join your workshop. how can i lean
    this p

  6. evg4life says:

    awesome, informative videos great work sir

  7. jaze laigo says:

    hi martin, what do you call for that special paper you are using for the
    mug? i am planning to start a same business.. thanks

  8. radstorm says:

    Hi Martin..good video..where do you get the heat press tool for the mugs?

  9. Danielle Kirby says:

    Great Video – very inspiring 

  10. Spencer Taylor Jr says:

    Nice video, people should start looking at creating their own way!


  11. Tj Smith says:

    I like this and i may also have something that may help

  12. Konrad Dudek says:

    Do you print on cotton t-shirts ?

  13. Raghu Pathi says:

    Hi T-shirt printing can be wash several time ?? ll the print goes off ?? 

  14. carsonm300 says:

    whats the revenuw, and profit

  15. rafiq rafeq says:


  16. faris mahmoud says:

    is the heat pressed t-shirt waterproof?can they be washed normally?
    thanks for your time

  17. Peter Lendrum says:

    Where do you buy your blank mugs from Martin?

  18. Pete Johnson says:

    oh ok just an obseration! do you print stuff to order or just do as much as
    you feel like and sell it any place? if some one sent you an order with
    some complex design how hard is it to produce?

  19. Jerome Gonzales says:

    heyy whats the name of the long printer ???

  20. Giedrius Taroza says:

    hello Martin,can i use normal ink what im using for photo?

  21. Ngel1974 says:

    About dark t shirts, show a tutorial applying a design on a black T shirt.