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American Business LaunchClick Image To Visit SiteIt’s no secret America is one of the largest and most wealthy marketplaces in the world. It just makes sense to take your business where the buyers are. We all know the first three rules of business are: Location, Location, and Location.

It might surprise you to know an online business in America operates for a fraction of what the same business could cost you in your own country.

The reality is it’s very difficult to find reliable information about setting up an American business when you don’t live in America.

FitnessLyceum – an online store retailing fitness equipment in the United States but set up and run by Robert Mangan, a non-U.S. resident living ‘down under’.

Setting up a business is hard work. But setting up a business in America when you don’t even live there, are not a resident or a citizen, and when you live half way around the world, is nearly impossible.

Sometimes I felt like I was alone, paddling upstream, in rapids infested with sharks. I wondered if establishing a business in another country truly was something best left to fancy corporations with their expensive lawyers.

So I spent several months searching Google, just hoping to figure out a way to get my business started. The information I wanted simply wasn’t to be found, or worse still, the information I did find was often just plain wrong!

More than once I fell prey to those online scam artists who make their fortunes from folks like you and me who are just trying to earn an honest living online. I consider myself fairly savvy, but they promised easy solutions to the exact problems I faced trying to setup my business.

They say experience is the best teacher, but I’m not sure that’s true. If there… Read more…

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