Change your Thinking & Attract Money

Change your Thinking & Attract MoneyClick Image To Visit SiteThe TSOGR Intensive Training Course gives you everything you need to  effectively get started practicing the Science of Getting Rich

Please realize, you may not be wealthy in 8 weeks, but in these 8 weeks you can change the course of the rest of your life. And to the extent that you follow this program exactly, you will see results down the line, guaranteed.

And we stand by it because  Wallace D. Wattles would tell you flat out that it’s not only possible, in fact, it’s mathematically certain that you will succeed.  The TSOGR Intensive Training Course shows you that you have the power in your own mind to achieve wealth and it takes you step by step through the process.

If you’ve already read The Science of Getting Rich, you’re eyes may have glassed over as Wattles makes reference to the steel trusts and the steam railway world … or how your best chance at making money is to get a 10 acre farm.

And still, this timeless classic has everything you need to know right now in the 21st century about how to get rich.  But sometimes you have to dust off a few cobwebs to get to the message.

We’ve removed the outdated examples from our commentary and instead of replacing them with modern substitutes that will be outdated in 10 or 20 years, we have distilled the message down to its essence.  We are exposing its core instructions and helping you to get moving and acting on them!

Book One was originally intended as the first of a series of 3 ebooks.  But as it turned out, we never got around to writing the second 2 books (Are our faces red!) This was done in a burst of inspiration and enthusiasm about sharing… Read more…

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