EZ-Response Follow Up Sequential Auto Responder CGI Script

EZ-Response Follow Up Sequential Auto Responder CGI ScriptClick Image To Visit SiteIf you run an on-line business you’ll know how important it is to keep in contact with your customers.

How many potential sales have you missed because you failed to contact a prospect or forgot to send them information they requested?

Whether you’re launching a new online business, selling products or services, or simply responding to a request for more information, consistent, timely personalized follow-ups with your current and potential customers are vital.

It’s a fact that 95% of people typically don’t buy (or take other desired action) as a result of an initial marketing contact, even if they are perfectly targeted, prime candidates for the offer. Many times, consistent follow up is crucial to closing the sale.

EZ-Response Follow Up Email Autoresponder is a completely automated system that delivers instant information to your potential customers, and then follows up with them, automatically over the coming days, weeks, and months.

For example, message #1 might go out immediately, then message #2 goes out 3 days afterwards, next message #3 goes out on day 8, then day 10 comes another message, etc, etc.

Do you see the Power of this whole thing? It’s unbelievable!

And the best part is everything is done automatically for you because it’s triggered when a prospect submits their email address. So that means you can simply set up your system once and then it keeps working over and over again like a tireless moneymaking machine.

Our reliable, fully automated system works 24-7-365 sending your personalized messages and following up with your customers – leaving you more time to concentrate on your business not administering it!

You save time, reduce stress, build customer loyalty, increase conversion ratios, and make more money!

EZ-Response Follow-Up is an email automation tool best compared with a secretary that is working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a… Read more…

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