How ANY Woman Can Learn To Make Money on the Internet

How ANY Woman Can Learn To Make Money on the InternetClick Image To Visit SiteMy name is Kathy Woodard (Wilson), and I am a successful author, columnist and home and garden expert and editor of several very popular websites including The Budget Decorator, The Garden Glove, Decorating Your Small Space and now The Budget Chef. I am a home decorating expert for and and I have a self sydicated column read by hundreds of thousands each month. But this wasn’t always so!

For almost ten years, I have struggled to create a business on the internet so that I could stay at home for my kids…and I found a way to do it, on very little money, and with skills and interests I already had… and I am here to show you how you can do it too.

At one time, I had eight kids in my household! You heard right, 8 kids! The fact is, I know I was put on this earth to be a Mom, and it’s the best worst job there is! But reality was, there was one income and lots of bills. Sound familiar? So I started brainstorming ways I thought would bring in a decent income, while letting me stay home. I tried daycare for awhile…it wasn’t for me. I took a tax preparer’s course…couldn’t even stick with it long enough to finish the course! I finally realized I was going about it the wrong way…I was never going to make a successful business out of something I either hated, or just plain didn’t enjoy, and I didn’t have the money to open a shop, or invest in a business that required inventory. So I decided to find out what I loved, become the best, and make it fly…no more giving up, and no more excuses. And thats exactly… Read more…

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