How to Be the Perfect Nanny – Your Ultimate Guide

How to Be the Perfect Nanny – Your Ultimate GuideClick Image To Visit SiteWe are a mother and daughter team, Emily and Kathryn, who have experienced nannying from both sides of the fence… as a mother running a business when my children were small, we hired nannies to help us. Years later, my daughter has been working as a nanny, both part-time and full-time, over the past 10 years.

Between us, there’s not much we don’t know about the benefits and downsides of being a nanny.

Let’s face it: With the national and global economies still struggling to rebound from the worst economic downturn in more than 34 years, unless you’re a millionaire or billionaire, making extra cash to make ends meet or even starting a new career, is something that has crossed the minds of virtually everyone alive.

And since you’re on this website, we’ll take a wild guess that you’re considering becoming a nanny. Not long ago, the thought of becoming a nanny or taking care of someone else’s kids was one of the least popular career choices. However, over the last decade, that has changed….and changed a lot.

The findings in these publications are a result of analyzing dozens of possible recession-proof careers and revealed that a career as a professional nanny can be extremely rewarding.

Well, as a nanny, you’re virtually your own boss, because in reality, what you’re doing is taking on the role of the parent while the natural parent is away at work or doing other things.

So since YOU are in charge of scheduling when the kids will eat, where they go during the day, and even when they sleep, it’s easy for you to plan everything around whatever it is you have to do for yourself.

You DON’T… Read more…

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