“Make Money Online” with Ezines SoloAds even 12 yrs old Can

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17 Responses to ““Make Money Online” with Ezines SoloAds even 12 yrs old Can”

  1. daatmoe says:

    Great video.

  2. EddyAndVivi says:

    Now that is an interesting video!

  3. fojack says:

    Awesome, Love The Video

    Keep The Hard Work Going

  4. CWCTL2 says:

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  5. dorius123 says:

    yo yo yo

  6. mentorMichel says:

    Great video!

    Wishing YOU all the best!


  7. luisluna01 says:

    that clicking noise is annoying!

  8. FunnelCommunity says:

    Ezine Marketing is so amazing to get some really targeted hot leads. Solo ads can make u killing results if you know how to use it.

  9. fuelsaving says:

    Nice Video

  10. riceburner55 says:


  11. Latently says:


  12. thebestonlinesurveys says:

    hmmm nice…

    videos such as this are an inspiration when I make my own videos

  13. MissUnivers26 says:

    Love the video.

  14. trdracer21 says:

    wat thios make no sense

  15. DutchBlogger says:

    Hi David,

    Well, it sounds (and looks) ok, but still, I’d rather stick to my plan…which is ‘building a VRE’. Although it does require some more work, it also pays a lot better 😉

    Good luck with it,

  16. crazy4truelove says:

    I am a peekvid . Com additct. I just cant stop my self from spending time there.

  17. xenophileca says:

    What a great video! Great presenting! Thank-you very much for sharing that. I feel my views are similar to yours when it comes to this kind of stuff. Feel free to drop by and post a comment on my YouTube as well I am new here and could use a little help!