“Make Money Online” with Guru’s Outsourcing Secrets Part 1

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7 Responses to ““Make Money Online” with Guru’s Outsourcing Secrets Part 1”

  1. Goobyusa says:

    Outsourcing drives down wages and puts talented Americans out of work. Be patriotic and buy American.

  2. bunch1ca says:

    great job!

  3. bramcorleone says:

    A couple of months ago I didn’t need this (apparently 2), but now, due to my busy schedule, I could really use some high educated, cheap labor!!!

    Thank God I could find the video with the keywords ‘bramcorleone’ and ‘outsoucing’ with Yahoo! (who ever said that google is superieur?!). Thank you VERY much!!

  4. killerbees2K6 says:

    I would never hire a programmer on Scriptlance. I only use it for graphic designers.

  5. bramcorleone says:

    I am both great at the technical side as developing content!!

  6. davidgwee says:

    Cool and thanks for your comment

  7. xenophileca says:

    What a great video! Great presenting! Thank-you very much for sharing that. I feel my views are similar to yours when it comes to this kind of stuff. Feel free to drop by and post a comment on my YouTube as well I am new here and could use a little help!