MOST TRADERS FAIL - Image To Visit SiteWe are told that 95% of Traders Fail – Despite all the information available online(most of it free) they never truly get to understand what it is they need to know to be consistently profitable. Ie: They lack 3 essential tools….without these you may as well save yourself the bother, throw your money down a toilet, and join them.

We’ve all been there – we start trading a so called edge/system/indicator that we are told will be profitable for us, but that is all we are told. We don’t know it’s key historical performance data/stats and known probabilities, so we don’t know how to manage our risk trading it, let alone how we will react / feel if we suffer losses trading it and at what level of losses. Then a few losing trades later we have lost confidence in the so called ‘edge’ probably not helped because we have over-leveraged / used risk that in the end we were not comfortable with. Fearful of further losses we abandon it. We are then low in confidence ourselves, fearful of more ‘mistakes.’ It seems like a vicious circle and we don’t know how to break it. Sounds familiar ?

This is the most honest website about trading that you may ever visit and could well turn out to be the most important. No silly false gimmicks, Ie: No ‘only 89 copies left,’ No free bonuses supposedly worth $1000, No annoying pop ups with discounted special offer for today only, No photo shopped statements, No retrospective – ‘look at all these winning trades’ etc etc (They must think we are stupid !) … Just Common Sense and intelligent No-Nonsense information.

1. You need an Edge. 2. You need to know certain data/stats about the edge to trade it profitably. 3… Read more…

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