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To Get More Fan Building and Music Marketing Secrets Click Here Now: 7 day Workshop Reveals All! Hey! My name is Brandon Oris Brown. If you’re a singer, song writer or music producer or anyone looking a break into the music business, I have an extremely extremely powerful music marketing strategy for you today! That will seriously help you gain a positive prospective for how to build fans effortlessly using sites like Facebook, My Space, RiverbNation, Twitter, YouTube, pretty much all social media sites. So pay close attention to this video. Because the concept I’m about to share with you has the power to literally change everything for you! Because this is how you sell music, how you get people up to your shows, this is the secret sauce that you must focus on when you’re using social media. So the concept that will help you turn complete strangers into fans effortlessly is the concept of building fan equity. You wanna build Fan Equity. Anytime a house appreciates which means it gains value, the house built equity. The house is actually worth more than what they pay for. The reason why I’m saying this because this is how you wanna think about your fans. You wanna invest into your fans. You wanna provide value into your fans. Music marketing strategies music promotion record deal music marketing strategy fans you-tube music marketing online marketing in music music industry