TradeMiner – Scan for Market Cycles and Trends.*

TradeMiner - Scan for Market Cycles and Trends.*Click Image To Visit SiteLearn how easily TradeMiner can identify trends and recurring market cycles, giving you an edge in your stocks, futures, and forex trading.

"Stocks tend to have relatively high (or low) returns every year in the same calendar month. The pattern is independent of size, industry, earnings announcements, dividends, and fiscal year. The results are consistent with the existence of a persistent seasonal effect in stock returns."

– [Evidence of predictable behavior of security returns. Journal of Finance 45, 881-898, 1990]

A clean user interface allows you to scan through millions of pieces of market data seamlessly. Identifying historical trends that match your search criteria, helping you to find the best picks for 2015.

Selecting "Dig Now" will scan through the Historical Database and identify the trends and cycles that meet the criteria.

TradeMiner will rank the results according to a proprietary ranking system. This system ranks higher the picks with the greatest gains in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of risk

Our ranking works on a scale from zero to five, and given each rank a quick reference color coded key; red proceed with extreme caution, yellow to approach with caution, and green for go for it!

The variety of charts in TradeMiner allows you to see the results of the previous years, identify risk vs. reward and see detailed trade logs of past years trends.

Click and select the different graphical statistical views. Each Chart will show up in the lower Chart Window once clicked. This Chart Window provides a graphical view of the historical yearly results for any given trade.

With all the many options of things to trade, TradeMiner can help to narrow your list down to a few trades that have long historical seasonal trends

With TradeMiner, it’s not enough that we… Read more…

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