TweetDis – Get More Tweets With “Tweetable Quotes”

TweetDis - Get More Tweets With "Tweetable Quotes"Click Image To Visit Site…for when your readers tweet your article – their followers see that and come check it out. This is how you get traffic from Twitter.

It’s funny how people are trying to grow the number of their Twitter followers, thinking that this will help them to get more traffic from Twitter.

Did you know that on average, less than 1% of your Twitter followers click on the links that you tweet?

So if you want to get 100 visitors from a tweet that you’ve just posted, you should have at least 10.000 Twitter followers!

I only have slightly over a thousand and yet my traffic from Twitter spikes nicely every time I publish a new article:

Twitter traffic doesn’t come from your own followers. It comes from other people, who tweet your stuff!

I just happen to know, that when people send something to Twitter it’s not a random act. There’s actually some pretty straightforward psychology behind it.

Many researchers have pointed out that people love tweeting things that make them look good in the eyes of their followers.

With TweetDis plugin you can fill your articles with "tweetable quotes" that stand out in your copy and motivate your readers to post them to Twitter.

Lots of famous pro-bloggers already use this simple tactic to increase their traffic from Twitter and now you know about it too!

TweetDis is a cool plugin for WordPress that helps you plant short "tweetable quotes" into your article, which motivates your readers to share them on Twitter.

Once your visitors click on "tweetable quote", a tweet with that quote is automatically generated for them. Making it super easy to share it.

99% of people won’t tweet anything, but the title of the post! Unless you MAKE THEM TWEET SOMETHING ELSE!

By planting "tweetable… Read more…

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