“Why I Quit MLM… (Reason 4): I was Bothering People – Needed an Effective Marketing System!” 0044-779-406-8012 ===Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel!=== I have created a video series to share with you some of my most frustrating MLM experiences, that eventually led me to quit MLM in favour of the much more lucrative concept of “GPT” (Get Paid Today), and the principles of Magnetic Sponsoring and Attraction Marketing. In this fourth video in a series of five, I talk about using the ineffective marketing methods and bothering people trying to build my business. The monthly events were also not helpful, they were full of hype and excitement, with no substance. I did everything my upline told me to do… I chased my family and friends, I bugged strangers all over the place, I spent hours and hours on the phone and on e-mail trying to convince people to join me in my business opportunity or to buy my products, but I still got nowhere. Everything I was taught to do, was not putting money into my pocket!! Today I teach other network entrepreneurs to build their business without prospecting like I did, regardless of the companies they are with…marketers with online business opportunities such as — * ACN * Quixtar / Amway * Xango (Mangosteen) * Monavie (Acai) * Melaleuca * Freelife (Himalayan Goji Juice) * Agel * Costal Vacations (Coastal Synergy Group) * Herbalife * Mannatech * Prepaid Legal * Forever Living * Tahitian Noni * Big Planet * Ignite * Ameriplan * Avon * Life Force * Reliv * GBG * Eniva (Enivavibe) * Gano Excel * Neways

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One Response to ““Why I Quit MLM… (Reason 4): I was Bothering People – Needed an Effective Marketing System!””

  1. Climb2win says:

    I put 60+ new members in my downline at The Instant Downline last month Check out my channel for details.